Vaccine Debate Erupts When Mainstream Reporter is Injured by Flu Shot

vaccine debate

A hurricane of reactions shortly followed when this post went viral on Facebook.

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Headlines are being made about people dying from the flu. Several of these people, one might wonder if it isn’t most of them, were actually given the flu shot shortly before they got the illness. You might have had this common experience, where you get the worst cold of your life a week or two after a flu shot.

This year’s flu shot was officially admitted to only be 10 percent effective. Vaccine injury is so commonplace now, the most efficient way to make sense of all the cases is to consolidate them into one report, like the People’s VAERS Report (video below):

Last year on several occasions, public Facebook posts involving vaccination erupted with comments in opposition to vaccines for the injuries they are known to cause. On some posts, the vaccine-critical people had the most likes. On others, the pro-vaccine people did.

In one such case, reporter Ashley Glass of ABC Action News posted this picture to Facebook in fall of last year, complaining about some proportionately mild symptoms after receiving a flu vaccine.


The post has since been removed from Facebook. It was probably the most viral post ever shared on that page.

A hurricane of reactions shortly followed when the post went viral on Facebook. It was a storm, like when the police boast of stealing a few pounds of weed from someone on their department Facebook pages and people who are against the drug war blow up the comment section. This is why the mainstream media no longer allows comments on their websites.

It takes experience to become passionate on this issue. People with experience told their own stories of vaccine injury and gave all kinds of gems of information, in a world where almost nobody cares that they want to make these mandatory.

vaccine info

vaccines info

The top comments read:

This terminology is fascinating. You got “My” flu shot. This how the industry has persuaded people that injecting multiple neurotoxins is just something that everyone does. “Your” flu shot. “My” flu shot. Brilliant marketing of a dangerous product. Get to a holistic doctor asap and start detoxing. And take this reaction as a warning. Next time it could be Guillain-Barre syndrome. Read the insert. That’s where the reactions are listed, but no doctor or pharmacist will give it to you.

I sure hope you don’t get guillaine barre syndrome! That’s how it starts– numbness!!! Flu shot is the number one offender! Please go to vaers database and check out the enormous log, 56,000 reactions in just this year alone…..

They put it into your muscle it really hurts I no longer get the flu shot for my husband his friend up north went to a doctor and got the flu shot another man went to the same doctor and they both got the flu shot the same day both of them developed Guillain-Barre syndrome his friend couldn’t walk for a year he had to learn how to walk and talk and feed himself it took a year he lost his job it was a terrible situation both men sued the doctor and the medical company where that flu shot came from and they won so no more flu shots for us

My coworkers daughter in law died from GuIllaine barre syndrome complications from the flu shot.. so painful what she went through 6 weeks agonizing pain.

There is a movement going strong right now, to protect others and their children from vaccine injury, particularly mandatory vaccination. The type of parent who composes this movement can be seen in the video below, the mother of Hayley Willar.

An entire awakening to this situation is taking place: you have to talk to the parents of vaccine injured (or killed) people to feel the power of it. One must see comment sections blown up to see what this is. Too many people have been victims for this not to go viral.

As one commenter mentioned, thousands of victims of vaccines such as the HPV shot are documented in official VAERS vaccine injury reports.

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However at the same time, the people who really support vaccines and don’t want to hear this also have a formidable voice. It collapses instantly to debate, but for people who don’t think, sometimes they make little waves.

For instance, another post on Facebook blew up last year, and it was a woman who was wearing a shirt that says “vaccines make adults.” Well the voice of pro-vaccine people actually isn’t that strong on second thought, because that post also blew up with comments about vaccines causing injury.

The only reason they kind of considered the post to be a victory is because the daughter of Hillary Clinton stepped in, shared the shirt on Twitter, and bought one. Chelsea Clinton likes vaccination. Those people just love it when we get vaccinated.

Social media may be increasingly manipulated, and the algorithms of all the websites we use are becoming more geared against people who speak hard truth, but this is what the truth does. Truth explodes and seeps out the cracks of the wall that binds it no matter what.

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